Cutest Thank You Note Ever

Thank you note from children

I received a thank you note recently that made me laugh out loud. It was “from” my one-year-old niece, Lily Scout. Read it. It’s funny!

But it got me thinking: What a smart idea to start the tradition of thank you notes early — even if your kids can’t write yet. If something is being sent on their behalf, they’ll likely take an interest in it when they become more aware. When they are able, they can contribute just by signing their name initially. After awhile, maybe they can add a P.S., a drawing or a sticker to the note. (It’s absolutely fine for a children’s thank you note to look like it came from a child.) When they’re old enough, they can write the whole thing. Hopefully, they’ll be so accustomed to the tradition of it, it won’t seem like a chore.

If they get stuck, ask them what their favorite part about the gift is. Sincerity is always best in a thank you note. Unless they sincerely hate something. If that’s the case, help them come up with one benefit. If they loathe the sweater grandma gave them, they can still say, “The sweater is so fuzzy and will help keep me warm now that it’s so cold outside!”

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  1. Danielle McKeon

    Yup, and as they get older kids add a drawing or sticker of their choice. Later, they can add their name (when they can write it) and eventually a sentence until finally the entire note.

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