Retroette What is Retroette, and who’s behind it?

Retroette takes a look at all things retro — from fashion to odd bits of history to etiquette.

The idea for this blog came from my collection of etiquette books. In fact, the word “retroette” is a mashup of the words “retro” and “etiquette.” I own approximately 50 etiquette and entertaining books spanning from 1848 to 2011. They’ll have a presence here, as will all sorts of retro finds, from wedding gowns through the years to little known historical accessories, like chatelaines.

About me: I’m Christine Landry, and I’ve written for Mental Floss, Evite, Blackboard Eats, Huffington Post Weddings, Special Events Magazine, as well as ran the wedding blog Bridal Banter. I’ve also been quoted in Los Angeles Times, New York Magazine’s The Cut, CHOW and The Stir.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband RB and our moody cat Linus. I hail from Tennessee. I miss the fireflies.

Got an etiquette question, a historical query or a book recommendation? Questions welcome!

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