The Day We Used Every Single Item Received from Our Registry

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As newlyweds, not only did my husband and I get to celebrate our first married Christmas, we got to make great use of all the wonderful gifts our friends and family gave us, some pictured here. Some gifts, after all, are more special occasion-y type items. It was fun to give them a whirl!

I found registering for items more challenging than expected, so I’ll return to this topic, highlighting items that we’ve found surprisingly useful or explaining why we’ve registered for one version of a thing over another. Expect some of the above items to make an appearance.

And in case you’re interested:

  1. I made Christmas cookies with white chocolate icing with the items in the first two photos.
  2. The next four items assisted in that (extremely complicated) salted caramel banana cream pie you see pictured.
  3. That champagne glass holds a mimosa.
  4. A pot roast with veggies is in the Le Creuset pot.
  5. The veggies were served in that bowl.
  6. Mashed cauliflower is in the covered bowl. (Delicious, btw!)
  7. And the final photo is our holiday table all set with all sorts of gifted items!

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