Hey there! Just a quick note to say I’ll be shifting the focus a bit around here. I’m still thinking things through, which is why it’s been a little quiet here lately. But don’t worry, retro lovers, things will still be very retro around here! CL

Crazy Trousers Vintage Dudesday

1920s men's fashion

Well, these 1920s British guys look great from the waist up. Read more…

Criminal Vintage Dudesday

first mug shot

You’re looking at one of the first mugshots! Read more…

Legit Cowboy Vintage Dudesday

1890s vintage cowboy

This fellow with the piercing eyes is an 1890s cowboy (or thereabouts). Read more…

Overdressed Vintage Dudesday

crazy outfit

When I say “overdressed,” I don’t mean: not appropriate for the occasion. Read more…

Stylin’ Vintage Dudesday

Richard Samuel Roberts photography

Both men in this 1930s photo are stylish, but I have to get special props to the man on the left with his shawl collar sweater, bowtie and newsboy cap. Read more…

All Dressed Up Vintage Dudesday

late 1930s men's fashion

This guy is from the 1930s — I guess the late 1930s. He has a nice chiseled jaw, no? Read more…

Dreamy Poet Vintage Dudesday

hot victorian guys

This is a portrait of Romantic poet Mihail Eminovici from 1869, and that seems exactly right, doesn’t it? Read more…

I promise this blog isn’t becoming all vintage dudes and retro ads. (Though they’re fun, right?) I have some long form articles in mind, but things have been extra busy lately, so I haven’t been able to devote the time necessary to write them. But please stick with me. There’s more to come!

Crazy Mustache Vintage Dudesday

vintage hipster guys

We’re getting silly with Vintage Dudesday today. This looks a little like Steve Martin being extra goofy, no? Read more…

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