An Old-Fashioned (But Hilarious) Rejection Letter

The funniest rejection letter

This 1912 rejection letter addressed to Gertrude Stein made me laugh — and cringe.
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Baby Shower History & Then a Little on Second Shower Etiquette

Vintage stroller

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I’m quoted in The Stir’s “Baby Showers for Second (Or Third) Pregnancies: Good Idea or Greedy?” and got another shout-out in Go Fug Yourself’s Fugs & Pieces. Woo-hoo!

A Thank You Note from Katharine Hepburn

celebrity thank you notes

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1940s Wartime Etiquette

1940s Etiquette

My husband found this 1942 Emily Post Etiquette book for me. There’s so much that’s interesting about it. Read more…

I Feel You Should See These Hairstyles from the 1700s & 1800s

Victorian hairstyles

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The Etiquette of Online Wedding Invitations

online invitation etiquette

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A Short History of Wedding Invitations

real vintage wedding invitation

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I wrote a post for hospitality blog AmberSpire called “What I’ve Learned from Event Professionals.” You should read it!

Basic Invitation Etiquette (Some of Which I Ignored)

Invitation Etiquette

When I planned my wedding last year, the only bit of etiquette I recall double-checking myself on is composing the invitations and preparing the envelopes. Read more…

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