Actual Victorian Witches. I Think. Maybe.

Victorian witches 1875

I love this photo because if you were to imagine the stereotypical look for witches in the 1800s, this is exactly what you’d conjure up. (That’s right, conjure.)

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A Fascinating Visual History of Retro Telephones, 1876 – 1965

retro telephones

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On Being Polite to Impolite People

Khalil Gibran quote

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Forget Handbags — Let’s Use Chatelaines!

Fancy chatelaine

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My Most Personal Blog Post

Cat trying to get in way of work

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A Retrospective: The Bradbury Building

1890s vintage building

My husband recently insisted I see the Bradbury Building in downtown Los Angeles. Read more…

An Old-Fashioned (But Hilarious) Rejection Letter

The funniest rejection letter

This 1912 rejection letter addressed to Gertrude Stein made me laugh — and cringe.
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Baby Shower History & Then a Little on Second Shower Etiquette

Vintage stroller

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I’m quoted in The Stir’s “Baby Showers for Second (Or Third) Pregnancies: Good Idea or Greedy?” and got another shout-out in Go Fug Yourself’s Fugs & Pieces. Woo-hoo!

A Thank You Note from Katharine Hepburn

celebrity thank you notes

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