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late 1930s men's fashion

This guy is from the 1930s — I guess the late 1930s. He has a nice chiseled jaw, no?

His suit seemed a size too big to me, but some Googling explained why. During the Great Depression, suits were made very fitted to save on fabric on money. So naturally, as the Great Depression faded and money was less tight, suits became roomier.

Was buttoning only the bottom button of your suit ever a thing? I’m not into it, but I am into the fedora. Nothin’ better than a vintage dude in a fedora.

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  1. George

    Judging by the separate hard collar and narrow tie, gentleman wears, that photo was most likely taken 1910’s or early 20’s. Late thirties almost all men wore soft collared shirts, if it was not black tie or white tie occasion.

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