Kate Middleton Wore a Tiara! Here’s Its History…

queen elizabeth tiara

Kate Middleton wore her second ever tiara recently, and it was awfully pretty. Btw, despite the fact she’s married to Prince William, she’s not Princess Kate. She hasn’t yet been declared one by Queen Elizabeth. And neither has Camilla.

But on to the tiara, seen here worn by Queen Elizabeth I, the mother of the current queen.

Some details:

  • It’s called the “Lotus Flower Tiara” and is made of diamonds and pearls.
  • It was constructed in the 20s and is in an Egyptian style.
  • It was once common to wear tiaras low, as you see here. Now the style is to wear it on top the head.

You can learn more in the article below from People!

Source: Kate Middleton Wears Lotus Flower Tiara After Queen Elizabeth


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