A Vintage Coke Ad That Covers All the Bases

early 1900s coke ad

I should say: I deeply love Coke. I once told my husband that if Pepsi offered me millions to promote their product, which is a totally reasonable thought, I’d have to say no because I feel too strongly about Coke.

My husband told me if Pepsi offered me millions, I would take it because it’s millions.

He doesn’t know my soul.

Back to this 1905 Coca-Cola ad at hand — I’ve got to say, while crowded with information, I still agree with a good portion of it. Coke does indeed relieve fatigue; it’s extremely palatable; and I’m even on board with calling it “the most refreshing drink in the world,” as long as we can acknowledge it ties with lemonade.

I do think it’s funny that the men can be either students or professionals, while the women might be “thirsty, weary or despondent.”

“Wheelmen” isn’t a term I’ve encountered before. Does this mean cyclists? I’m curious as to why they were singled out. Were cyclists a particular target audience of Coke in the early 1900s?

Please weigh in on with your thoughts/knowledge of Coke/knowledge of vintage ads!

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