Swell Prom Ads from the 1950s

vintage prom ads

These two ads came together as a single jpg, so let’s look at them together!

They’re both labeled as being from 1951.

Let’s examine the Kodak ad on the left first. It says:

Big party — gay time! And kid brother Bill making a hit getting it in snapshots. These are pictures that will be prized for a long, long time.

I guess those are his snapshots at the bottom. And you would absolutely not see this copy in an ad today.

I’m not positive the Revlon ad on the right is a prom ad. Also, is it really from 1951? Her dress seems unusual for the 50s to me.

Anyhow, here’s the small print:

His heart’s on her sleeve. His color’s on her matching lips and fingertips! Isn’t it romantic? Revlon plucked this capricious carmine from the heart of his carnation. On you it turns simply siren.

And here’s where I’m not sure I’m reading the text right:

And that “Bachelor’s Carnation” dazzle dust is so dressy. Positively packed with beauty surprise on your skin! Gives a girl poise … that super “stay-on” you’re sure of in everything-Revlon.

I have no idea what this means.

And I guess they’re handing off the lipstick/rouge/nail polish trio?

In other thoughts, it must have been really hard for makeup companies to constantly come up with new names for “red” all the time back then.

Ok, people with knowledge and/or better eyesight (here’s a larger version), feel free to weigh in!

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