Good time management

A good personal trainer is not only a person who knows how to perform exercises correctly, but above all a guide whose task is to help the client achieve the desired goal. Consequently, a person applying for this position should be characterized by the following qualities.

Empathy and patience

Personal trainer must first of all listen carefully to his client and take into account his needs. He should always see the man from the other side. Therefore, the coach must first agree with the client all training plans. This affects the formation of their further cooperation.

It should be remembered that each mentee is individual, for some changing their current lifestyle is a problem, so a good personal trainer should select resources taking into account the personal conditions of his clients. Thanks to this he will be able to support and motivate them with dignity.

Continuous development of so-called soft skills, such as active listening or the ability to properly counseling, will allow you to identify obstacles that may affect the negative attitudes of clients and achieve the worst results.


A personal trainer works with people on a daily basis, so this position is not suitable for an introvert who values doing tasks alone. Coaches work with a variety of people, and they must be able to find common ground with each of them.

Good time management

A personal trainer must be able to organize his work time properly. He often has different classes in the gym, and he also trains with a lot of clients during the day, so he needs to be well organized.


A good personal trainer listens to his clients, but he also demands them. Above all, he must be able to properly motivate his mentee both to work out regularly and to follow a set diet. Moreover, he should require his clients to perform the exercises accurately and correctly so that the workout brings the expected results.

Knowledge and desire to develop

A personal trainer should have sports knowledge. A trainer's job often involves interfering with clients' health, so he or she should have the appropriate subject knowledge and practical training. Doing the exercises correctly is an extremely important issue during a workout. Not only will you get a worse workout, but over time it can lead to health problems.

A personal trainer must know not only the capabilities of the human body, but also its limitations. He must know the "physiology of sport," know how specific exercises affect the human body, which muscles and joints are involved, and how to avoid injury during training.

In addition, coaches must constantly develop and expand their knowledge. They can make sure of this by taking training, retraining courses or lectures. It can also be useful to meet with other trainers to exchange ideas and experiences.


A personal trainer is more than a fitness instructor or a coach in one sport discipline. A personal trainer must have knowledge from different categories so that he or she can tailor training to a specific client. A personal trainer does not only teach classes in one chosen discipline. In addition, training often takes place outside of a prepared facility, but may include, for example, outdoor running or training in the pool.

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