Vintage Dudesday

Phillips Homes

I’m trying out a new regular feature: highlighting a fellow from the past on Tuesdays. He may be fashionable, odd or extremely attractive — whatever floats my boat that week.

Let’s start off with this handsome devil, circa 1930, actor Phillips Holmes.

We’ve got some advanced fashion sense going on here with the suit AND sweater AND fedora.

I wish that fedora didn’t provide him such excellent shade because he looks like he has lovely eyes too. He’s got a bit of pretty Jude Law quality about him, no?

IMDB has this tidbit on him: “A fractured romance with scandalized millionaire chanteuse Libby Holman led to her marrying brother Ralph on the rebound.”

So there you have it: Our first dude of Vintage Dudesday!

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  1. Liz

    DREAMY! oh my…oh so dreamy….

    I like Vintage Dudesday, I look forward to the next one :)

    • Retroette

      Hooray, Liz! It’s always wonderful to hear feedback on new ideas. I’ll see you next Tuesday!

  2. *swoon* my husband would dress like this if he could (he’s a woodworker/furniture builder, so his work is too messy for it) and I think I would die if he did.

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