I Was Totally Wrong About That 1939 Napkin Technique

A modern take on vintage napkin folding
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I came across this 1947 video narrated by Emily Post, and lo and behold, at 1:06 they show how the 1939 napkin fold I attempted is supposed to look.

I did it wrong.

But I like my way better.

The video is fun. There’s nearly 30 seconds before anyone even speaks! This was definitely not made for the attention-deficit YouTube generation.

Here are the parts I like best if you want to skip around.

  • The acting job of “Virginia” at .50.
  • The dub job on Emily Post at .57.
  • At 1:47, the lady eats so much soup. It’s valiant of her because she’s showing you the correct way to eat it, but man is she focused on her soup!
  • I call shenanigans on the spaghetti at 5:50. It’s definitely precut so those actors don’t have to look as awkward eating it as the rest of us.
  • I had no idea it was proper to cut dessert with a spoon (6:30)!
  • Also, is it a thing to be suspicious of glassware (at 8:01)? I guess people used to really care if glasses were made of crystal or not.

Source: Emily Post: “Table Manners” 1947 10min – YouTube.

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