You’re Not Going to Eat All That Salsa

salsa etiquette

My husband has very strong feelings about behavior at the salsa bar at places like La Salsa, Baja Fresh and Poquito Mas. He feel consideration goes out the window at the salsa bar with people stocking up on all the different salsas and making a general mess of things and causing something that looks a little like this.

attractive traffic jam

This post is by his request and in honor of Cinco de Mayo!

Salsa Bar Etiquette

1. If there’s a line for the salsa bar, and you’re up, do not proceed to get samples of all the salsas at the salsa bar + the cilantro and onions + the pickled veggies. Because: You’re holding up the line. Also: See title. Pick your favorites and move on. But if no one is waiting, feel free to go hogwild and make this visit a salsa-tasting frenzy.
2. Do not fill salsa to the very top of those teeny tiny cups and then squeeze on a lid. You’ll drop little bits of salsa out, and that makes for a gross-looking salsa bar. Despite what I said in #1, you’re better off filling two cups three-fourths full.
3. Only grab as many ramekins as you’re going to use. If you grab more and leave them laying around, 1) no one else is going to use them because they’ve been handled, 2) it leaves the salsa station looking even messier and 3) it’s wasteful.
4. If you’re a parent of a young child, it’s best to ask your child what salsa they want, but handle the salsa-getting yourself. As we have established, salsa bars are messy. Children can make them messier.

I’d love to do reoccurring pieces on etiquette for things that don’t have etiquette. Got any pet peeves you feel are in need of etiquette rules? You can leave your request for etiquette posts in the comments or contact me here. And check out more on modern etiquette here!

Salsa photo by me, traffic jam photo via Fenestraz

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