10 Sexy Vintage Halloween Costumes from 1908 – 1951

vintage sexy plan costume

Did you, like me, think sexy Halloween costumes were a modern day thing? Turns out, they’re not.

In fact, I found retro skin-baring or skintight costumes dating all the way back to 1908. Who knew?

I included exact dates when I had them — but the awesome sexy airplane up top is undated.

Enjoy the vintage wackiness!

1900s Costumes

These extremely form-fitting sexy mermaid costumes, circa 1908, look very restrictive.

sexy vintage mermaids

1920s Costumes

10 points for creativity for the sexy spiderweb ladies!

Vintage spiderweb costume

Here we have a pretty tame sexy bee costume by today’s standards, but I suspect it was a whole lot of leg by 1920s standards.

sexy vintage bee

This woman strikes a thoughtful pose in her super-authentic bikini-esque sexy Native American costume, complete with heels and pearls.

Vintage native american costume

1930s Costumes

This is as wholesome a sexy witch in a super-short skirt could possibly get. It’s from 1938, specifically.

Vintage witch costume

Things got a little crazier in 1939 with this costume labeled “Radio Queen.”

Vintage radio costume

1940s Costumes

Here we have a whole sexy crew from 1947. Anyone know what the woman in the middle is dressed as? I do not.

Vintage women's costumes

1950s costumes

I’m probably divulging some biases here, but I think these sexy alcohol costumes hold up!

Vintage alcohol costume

This photo is from 1951 exactly, and I just don’t even know what’s going on.

Weird vintage costume

You might also enjoy these Victorian witches, Frankenstein having tea, as well as this Pinterest board on absurd vintage photos.

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