Retro Photo Friday: The First Oscars + an Oscar Round-up!

1929 best picture winner

The photo above is from the first Best Picture Oscar winner ever, The Broadway Melody in 1929. Some interesting facts about the first Oscars:

  • The movie industry was transitioning between silent films and “talkies.” There was a clear preference for talkies among nominees.
  • The Broadway Melody is sometimes called “the worst Best Picture.” (I dunno. Could it really be worse than Crash? I turned that movie off in the first 20 minutes.)
  • One of the 1929 nominees for Best Picture, The Patriot, is a now a lost film. It was the only silent film nominated for Best Picture that year, and the last to be nominated in the category until The Artist.
  • The 1929 Oscars included a category for “Best Title Cards.”
  • The first Academy Awards hosted only 270 guests.
  • The cost of a ticket to attend was $5.
  • Winners were announced three months before the event took place.

And here’s a roundup of vintage Oscar photos:

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