Retro Photo Friday: The Very First Super Bowl

first super bowl

We’re keeping it short and sweet. Here are the facts.

  • This is a photo from the very first Super Bowl game in 1967.
  • At the time it was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.
  • The game pitted the Green Bay Packers against the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • The Packers won 35 to 10.
  • The halftime entertainment was college bands instead of famed singers like Bruno Mars or Katy Perry.
  • That’s Kansas City’s Fletcher Smith in the photo with the Packers behind him.
  • It is the only Super Bowl to be broadcast simultaneously by two networks: CBS and NBC.

Btw, I’m moving from Los Angeles to Austin! I have some great posts brewing, but it may be awhile before they get posted. But please, check back in at Retroette periodically. So much fun stuff planned!

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