Victorian Men with Awesome Hair

Victorian men's hairstyle


  • This photo was labeled “Victorian men” but I couldn’t confirm that. Can any retro men’s style experts weigh in?
  • So many stovetop hats! LOVE!
  • The second fellow is trying to seduce you.
  • And the third one has bodies in the attic.
  • Were men’s hair in ringlets a thing (2nd row, 3rd guy)?
  • Evidently a thing: v-shaped facial hair (2nd row last guy, 3rd row 1st guy, and very last guy)!
  • 3rd row, 2nd gent looks like he could walk around today and no one would be the wiser. I bet he’d get dates too.
  • I feel the need to point out the chin hair of the last two fellows on the third row. Very face-framing!
  • The first guy on the last row is being attacked by a giant spiky boutonniere.
  • Hipsters got nothing on the the mustachioed dude next to him.

As my husband said: Seems like guys used to have a lot more style options.

Who’s your favorite?

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