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Judge-y 1940s Video on Everything You Do Wrong at a Dinner Party

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On Being Polite to Impolite People

Khalil Gibran quote

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1940s Wartime Etiquette

1940s Etiquette

My husband found this 1942 Emily Post Etiquette book for me. There’s so much that’s interesting about it. Read more…

I have an article up on Mental Floss! It’s called: “Which Country Has the Best-Looking People? Let’s Ask a 19th Century Doctor.” You should check it out!

Never Give a Lady a Restive Horse

1870s etiquette

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In the stone age, when the savage tried his best to carve with a dull stone knife, he doubtless swore mentally; his barbaric trait of mental swearing is still with us, and will probably remain with us until the end of time, or until our servants realize that the carving-knife was not a tool originally intended by the head of the family for dissecting kindling-wood or peeling potatoes.

Thomas J. Murrey, Practical Carving,1887

10 Etiquette Questions No One Asks Anymore

1950s etiquette questions and answers

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The Worst Time for Thanksgiving Dinner

1960 Thanksgiving Dinner Etiquette

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