Retro Fashion Friday: A Better Oscar Dress

1950s ballgown

This is usually Retro Photo Friday, but I’m making this up as I go, so let’s give fashion a whirl!

We’ve had time to ogle all the Oscar dresses, and while there were many pretty gowns, few were truly standouts in my mind. I liked Behati Prinsloo and Emma Stone’s — their dresses were unusual and striking. And Anna Kendrick looked very pretty in her coral gown, but it’s not something I’ll remember a year from now. That’s my issue — there wasn’t one of those take-your-breath-away dress moments.

So for next year, I’d like to suggest a gown like we see here for someone who wants a major moment. The designer is Sarmi, and the dress is dated 1957/58. I like how the skirt is nice and full, and look closely — it glistens! Love the oomph that little shimmer adds. I like how the straps come down in a v too.

I confess I’m less sold on the front though.

1950s formal dress

I think it may be better without the flower — what do you think?

I have lots of fun fashion through the years on my Retro Fashion Pinterest board!

Photo via The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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