Retro Photo Friday: Stephen and Jane Hawking’s Wedding

Stephen Hawking wife

I’m trying out a new weekly feature where I feature an interesting old photo and share what I’ve discovered about it. We’re going to start off on kind of an unusual foot though with this wedding photo of Stephen and Jane Hawking as compared to Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones playing them in The Theory of Everything.

I like that the move got even the angle of his cane right, but Jane’s dress is much prettier than Felicity’s, no? Maybe adding lace to Felicity’s would cost too much, but it really makes the dress, IMO. I like the extra floofiness of Jane’s veil too. It’s very 60s. Also, is it me, or does Felicity look a little stern? Jane’s smile is small but seems genuine.

I got some oddball photos in mind for upcoming pieces, so please, come back on Fridays for more!

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