A Breakdown of Vintage Engagement Rings

retro engagement rings

I took a break while I hosted family for the holidays, but I’m back now! Hello!

I recently wrote a visual overview of vintage engagement rings through the decades, so when I came across this great little graphic breaking down engagement rings by era, I had to share.

The graphic comes from Erstwhile Jewelry, which is my very favorite vintage engagement ring jeweler. (Is it wrong to have a favorite? I don’t care!)

Which ring is your favorite? I can’t decide — either the Georgian, Edwardian or Art Deco one looks best to me. (That was a pathetic attempt at choosing a favorite.)

If you’re into rings, you should come back again soon because I have another ring post brewing. This one is not at all about love and engagement and only about mystery and intrigue!

It's good etiquette to share what you like!

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